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Hyperlite’s new Condor wakesurfer is a speedy hybrid shape ideal for surfers who enjoy skim style shuvits, snappy car...


Hyperlite’s new Condor wakesurfer is a speedy hybrid shape ideal for surfers who enjoy skim style shuvits, snappy carves, and the ability to perform both on the same surfer. The Condor will fly down the line and turn on a dime, plenty of volume in this shape provides that surf feel, while the sharp rail at the tail delivers an instant response and skim feel. Varial wakesurfers utilize their exclusive foam and infused glass technology. This provides a strong and lightweight construction with instant response. Made right here in the USA using Futures Fin Boxes, aerospace grade construction, UV resistant and temperature tolerant materials.



  • Made in USA
  • Varial Foam
  • Infused Glass
  • Futures Fin Boxes
  • Dual Deck Reinforcement
  • 100% UV Resistant
  • Temperature Tolerant
  • Twin Fin
  • Polyester Resin
  • Shaper: Aaron Stumpf

Fins & Traction: Sold Separately


VARIAL SURF PROGRAM Hyperlite is proud to partner with Varial Surf to create the finest Wakesurfers ever seen before, featuring Varial Foam and Infused Glass. This partnership with the most advanced surfboard manufacturer delivers boards that are changing the game for Wakesurfers around the globe. These shapes are handmade in Ventura, California using exclusive aerospace grade materials that ensure the best ride you’ve ever experienced. For information on Varial’s Factory Repair Program please call or email (805) 288-3577

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Tech Features

Made in USA

Proudly shaped and hand made in Ventura, California.

Varial Foam Core

Varial Foam is the world’s first high performance foam adapted from advanced aerospace materials for surfboard construction. The high modulus of Varial Foam makes it 25% lighter and 30% stronger than a traditional PU blank with a stringer. It provides a strong and lively foundation on which shapers can incorporate any flex option they desire. Varial Foam is 100% UV resistant and is always stringer less.

Infused Glass

Varial has created a new patent-pending process for glassing boards, called infused glass. Utilizing a vacuum bagged glassing process, this produces a uniform laminate with extremely low resin content, creating the ability to isolate and engineer specific characteristics into the skins of the surfboard for any desired performance attributes.

Futures Fin Boxes

Providing the best interface in the industry. A solid base design offers 100% fin to base connection.

Dual Deck Reinforcement

Additional laminate layers beefing up the top deck preventing breakdowns and dents.

100% UV Resistant

Aerospace grade materials repel damaging rays from the sun and will not breakdown due to exposure.

Temperature Tolerant

Aerospace grade materials which do not breakdown due to hot summer days and exposure to the sun.