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2022 Pro Team

Alex Aulbach

Joining the Hyperlite Pro Team in 2017 Alexander Aulbach is the most not german german you will ever meet. Not only because he does the complete opposite of what German Wakeboarding stands for, which are air tricks. He is also the guy who doesn’t care about contest results, even tho he had some strong years competing at Wake the Line, Munich Mash and he won the Bricks Open back in 2015. Alex puts his on twist on everything, not only Wakeboarding but he does also care a lot about how things look and feel. Combine those two things and you get what Alex has been working on with Aaron. His new Board, THE PLEASURE. This board perfectly mirrors Alex personality, super sleek and fun board for everybody! Alex doesn’t care how good someone rides, alex cares about having the most fun out there with whoever is around him! If you´re also looking for pleasure, we highly recommend you to try his board or have a glass of rosé with Alex!


Alex Aulbach


Bavaria, Germany


Sleek & soft, a true Pleasure - That's how Alex describes his new cable board for 2021!