Wakeboarding Business at 36,000 Feet

The Hyperlite Experience is entering its 4th season at Seafair, the Northwest’s largest party of the season, and we kicked off 2014 with a celebration at 36,000 feet! Alaska Airlines invited the Seafair family aboard their brand new Boeing 737-900ER during an official delivery flight. It was a great way to connect with Seafair staff and supporters including sponsors for our Hyperlite Experience like Rockstar Energy Drink, Anheuser Busch, Hyundai and Rezin Marketing.

Sea6 Sea2

The highlight of the flight was doing hot laps around Mt. Rainer while chilling in the cockpit with the flight crew. We did get to discuss Wakeboarding’s inclusion at Seafair and our 4th season will be the biggest and best to date. Stay tuned for more details on the Hyperlite Experience at Seafair and we hope to see you on the water!

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    Hyperlite Shreducation Days

    Recently, Hyperlite Wakeboards invited some of our retail partners down to Florida so we could go Wakeboarding together and discuss what goes into our innovative Wakeboards and Bindings. We began our Shreducation down in Satellite Beach, FL with Scott Bouchard, lead shaper for the Byerly Brand and creator of the JD Webb Series and the Catalyst Skate line by Brian Grubb. Butch took the group through some of the design features unique to the Scott Byerly brand and then he built a couple boards from start to finish explain the process along the way.

    Shred5 Shred4


    Shred1 Shred2


    That same afternoon we headed to Orlando Watersports Complex to ride the boards pressed that same morning. Here’s Cole from Ambush Board Co. airing out on board less than 6 hours old.

    Shred6 Shred7

    The Shreducation crew spent that afternoon riding the 2014 Hyperlite & Byerly lines at OWC. Needless to say, the System Binding was in full affect and everyone experienced the Happy Feet sensation unique to the new System design and our updated Boot Models. JD Webb and Shaun Murray joined the crew and together everyone rode till their hands too tired to ride anymore.

    Shred8 Shred15

    Shreducation Day 2 began with a Hyperlite clinic in the Hyperlite Pro Shop at OWC. Eddie Beverly kicked things off with some lighthearted ribbing directed at Shaun Murray, Rusty Malinoski and Greg Nelson. Rusty happened to show up wearing 2 different shoes, Eddie brought that to the group’s attention and then described Nelson as a Pro so old, that he only needed to land a 360 back in those days to be considered good. All joking aside, Team Hyperlite detailed the innovation and features of the entire line from the World Champion Marek Series to new State 2.0.

    Shred19 shred16

    Off to the Butler Chain for some riding behind the G23 series by Nautique Boats. The majority of the day was spent riding the new gear, witnessing some massive double ups from Rusty and JD Webb and then a doubles set with Mr. Murray and Malinoski.

    Shred13 shred12

    Hyperlite Wakeboards wants to extend a huge “Thank You” to all who participated in the first ever Shreducation Days and we look forward to doing this again in the future. The hospitality from the entire OWC team was also a special highlight and we can’t wait for our next visit to Sunshine State’s best Wake Park.


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      Hyperlite Introduces PRiNK Tech Wood Collection

      Hyperlite is excited to announce our partnership with PRiNK Technologies has finally produced a full line of protective cases for your favorite mobile device. The Wood Collection has been seen in recent sweepstakes on our Facebook and Instagram, but they are now available for purchase on Hyperlite.com. To celebrate the launch we’ve created this short video for your enjoyment, showcasing each of the models now available. Be careful, the song is so catchy you’ll wonder why you’re watching it over and over again….

      About PRiNK Technologies

      PRiNK Technologies (PRiNK) was founded in a small garage in Oregon in 2011, where the surrounding landscape was the inspiration for the company’s beginnings. PRiNK creates products that pay homage to its Oregon roots by using materials that are natural, stylish and unique. Its lifestyle products and accessories for digital devices use a combination of responsibly sourced and American-made materials, including wood and bamboo.

      At PRiNK, detail is key. By merging raw form and function with the elegance of new technology, PRiNK uses the beauty of our natural surroundings to complement the sleek design of modern digital devices. Its lifestyle products strike a similar balance between simplicity and beauty, with each new line offering innovative and stylish ways to get PRiNKed.

      Equally important to PRiNK is corporate responsibility. Through its sustainable practices and good works programs, PRiNK takes great strides to make a positive impact on its community and the world at large.

      PRiNK is also a member of the Fair Labor Association and sources the majority of its wood through distributors certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

      We want our customers to get PRiNKed and feel good about it too.


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        Alliance Superlatives 2013 – Wake Park Rookie of the Year – Graeme Burress

        Alliance Wakeboard Magazine has been rolling out their Superlative Honors this month, our very own Graeme Burress was name Wake Park Rookie of the Year, Congrats Graeme – Very Cool.

        2013 Wake Park Rookie of the Year: Graeme Burress

        Graeme Burress must be a big Meat Loaf fan because he hit 2013 like a bat out of hell. To put it simply the kid has game, especially in the park department. He’ll hit anything any which way and he’ll make it look better and more unique than most anybody in the world. Not only did we see a bunch of good photos and video of Graeme throughout the year, but he also proved his mettle in the contest arena by taking 2nd overall in the Pro Men’s Park/Features division of the Wake Park Triple Crown. To top it all off Graeme is a rad guy. We have a feeling he’s going to continue to blow minds in 2014.



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          Nautique Boats Announces New Wake Series

          Over the past couple weeks there have been major announcements regarding the upcoming Wakeboard competition season. Below is a release from Nautique Boats detailing their new series to include Pro Men, Pro Women, Jr. Pro and Wakeskate divisions. We look forward to joining our partner, Nautique Boats, in this series and hope to see you there. Stay tuned for more details.

          From Nautique Boats: ORLANDO, FLA (February 14, 2014) Today, Nautique announced the all-new Nautique Wake Series for the 2014 season towed exclusively behind the award winning Super Air Nautique G23 and the all-new G21.


          The new Nautique Wake Series will include the Nautique Wake Games, Nautique WWA Wakeboard Nationals, WWA Wakestock, and the debut of the all-new Nautique Wake Open. Each of these events will showcase all amateur divisions, Pro Women, Jr. Pro Men, Pro Wakeskate and Pro Men making the Nautique Wake Series the first of its kind, giving more riders than ever the opportunity to compete at an elite level during the entire competitive season.

          The overall Nautique Wake Series winners, in all categories, will be crowned at the final Nautique Wake Series stop with the top six in each division receiving an invitation to the industry’s most prestigious event, the 2015 U.S. Masters.

          “I am so excited about the Nautique Wake Series! I have no doubt that the Nautique Wake Series will stand as the most premier events in the world with support from pros and amateurs alike,” commented wakeboard world champion, Raimi Merritt. “I am proud to work with a company that is so dedicated to the growth of our sport at all levels including amateurs, Pro Women and Pro Men,” Merritt added.

          “Nautique is excited to create a family oriented wake series for our sport that is pulled by our award winning and industry leading G-Series boats and includes both amateur and pro (women and men) divisions,” stated Nautique President/CEO Bill Yeargin. “This series will create a fun-filled competitive atmosphere for families and pros with industry leading cash prizes and the opportunity to receive an invitation to the sport’s most sought-after event, the 2015 Masters,” Yeargin added.

          To read President/CEO Bill Yeargin’s Nautique Insider blog about the all-new Nautique Wake Series, please visit nautique.com.

          Celebrating 89 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is the owner of Nautique Boat Company, Inc. and Aktion Parks (owner of Orlando Watersports Complex and Miami Watersports Complex). Nautique manufactures the highest quality, most innovative ski and wake-sports boats available worldwide and provides exceptional customer service experiences. To learn more about Nautique and its complete product line, visit www.nautique.com. To learn more about Aktion Parks visit www.aktionparks.com.

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            The Hyperlite Experience at Orlando Watersports Complex

            Hyperlite Wakeboards calls Orlando Watersports Complex our “Home away from Home” although most people know it as OWC. It’s by far the world’s most recognizable wake park, just off the freeway near the Orlando International Airport. Not only do millions of tourists get a glimpse of the park daily, most of the world’s best Wakeboarders call the greater Orlando area home.

            Anyone visiting OWC will be treated to a first class wakeboard experience and the Hyperlite Experience. This begins with the Hyperlite Pro Shop that overlooks the lake where you can demo the latest Wakeboards and Bindings from Hyperlite. The OWC staff can also help you dial in any new purchase before or after you hit the cable.

            The best part of the Hyperlite Experience begins with a lesson or clinic from one of our professional Wakeboarders while on site at OWC. Nick Kamper is one of these pro’s who can help you better your game on the cable or behind the boat. Adjacent to the 2 cable systems sits a wakeboard lake dedicated to boat riding, featuring the Nautique Boats G23. It doesn’t get any better than this, wakeboarding behind the award winning boat or on the cable, OWC is one of the best places to ride and experience Hyperlite Wakeboards.

            Enjoy this edit of Nick as he get’s acquainted with the newly added Rooftop feature at OWC.

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              Hyperlite Signs World Champion Courtney Angus

              On a recent adventure to the land down under, we met Courtney Angus, the current WWA Wake Park World Series Features World Champion.  It didn’t take long for Hyperlite’s Greg Nelson to realize Courtney would be a great addition to the Hyperlite Team.

              Watching her ride at her home cable, Cables Wake Park – Penrith, was a treat.  Courtney’s riding is impressive, with unique lines and a stacked trick list.  It’s easy to see why she won her first World Title this year.  When she slipped in to a pair of System Bindings and took a set on the Hyperlite Union, she flat out killed it.

              Courtney’s got style for miles and the skills to pay the bills.  Add to that an undeniable passion for the sport, a strong vision for stepping up Women’s cable riding, plus a great attitude both on and off the water.   We look forward to working with her on our ladies cable product and watching her take on the competition for years to come. Enjoy this quick edit and stay tuned for much more from this Aussie ripper.  Hyperlite is stoked to welcome Courtney Angus to the team.


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                Hyperlite Signs Noah Flegel

                Noah Flegel has had an incredibly successful run in the Jr. Pro ranks, winning the last 2 consecutive National and World Titles, as well as winning the overall Jr. Pro Series in 2013.  At only 16, Noah is allowed to compete in Jr. Pro for another 2 seasons, but he’s accomplished his goals there and has decided it’s time to move on and move up. Not only will Noah be competing at the Pro level in 2014, he’ll be doing so riding Hyperlite Wakeboards.

                “Signing Noah is a big deal for Hyperlite,” says Greg Nelson, Hyperlite’s VP of Marketing. “I’ve known Noah for a while and enjoyed watching his success.  With his move to Hyperlite, I’m thrilled to add this talented young athlete to our squad.”

                Noah is also an accomplished Wake Surfer, boasting a World Champion title in the skim style division as recently as 2012. Hyperlite and Noah have already begun collaborating on a new skim style surfer, set to release in the coming season and bearing the Flegel signature.

                With all that Noah has accomplished already, it’s amazing that he’s only 16 years old.  Now with this move to Hyperlite, Noah will have the opportunity to take his career to the next level.  ”I’m excited to be joining the elite team of pro riders at Hyperlite.  It’s a tight team, and one that I’m really stoked to be a part of,” said Flegel.  The feeling is mutual, as Hyperlite gears up to support his efforts in 2014 and beyond.  Welcome to the team, Noah!

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                  Graeme Burress, Part 2 – Philippines

                  It wasn’t long ago Graeme Burress joined our team and then he was gone. Wakeboarders today can travel around the world riding perfect conditions thanks to the Wake Park revolution. Graeme took off to the Philippines to ride at Camsur Wakeboard Complex (CWC) putting his new quiver of Hyperlite decks to the test. The results, Part Two, a follow up from his first Philippines edit also featuring James Windsor that has nearly 15,000 views on Graeme’s Vimeo channel. Both edits are amazing and the more you watch Graeme the more you realize every trick he puts on film is an effort for perfection. Technical perfection that is, Graeme explains that in Skateboarding if you’re off even slightly – you fall, but our connection to the board plus long tip and tails removes a Wakeboarders need for perfection. Not with Graeme, just watch and you’ll see that we mean, The Philippines – Part 2.

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                    ERC System’s new Advantage Pro

                    Our Partners at ERC Systems have been busy this summer developing their new Infinity 2T Advantage Pro. I’ve been able to ride the system now and the cable tension is great, surprisingly tighter than their original model. ERC recently installed the new system at  Barefoot Ski Ranch or BSR on the Barefoot Lake towing footers and a few crazy wakeboarders at 35mph.  ERC_MainERC Systems has an upgrade kit that transforms an original Infinity 2T into the Advantage Pro. For more information about ERC Cable Systems and the new Infinity 2T Advantage Pro shoot them an email at sales@endlessridecable.com or call Doug at 775-315-2468.

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