As you've seen on Hyperlite's Instagram, #iRideHyperlite is our community tag where you can share your wakeboarding story with us and the entire Hyperlite family. We're taking that to the next level in 2017, allowing you to create your own #iRide profile page on Hyperlite.com. Share your photos and video, your favorite wakeboard story and name your favorite pro rider. Throughout the season we will share your adventures on our Instagram and Facebook pages and award lucky winners with Hyperlite swag, boards, bindings and more. Share your profile on your accounts and enjoy having your profile on Hyperlite.com #iRideHyperlite

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Signature Team

Rusty Malinoski
Shaun Murray
JD Webb
Jimmy LaRiche
Nick Davies
Trever Maur
Brian Grubb
Raimi Merritt
Courtney Angus
Noah Flegel
Graeme Burress
Rocker Steiner

Pro Team

Anthony Ruck "Turbo"
Sam Carne
Mike Schwenne
Matt Tonne
Adam Wensink
Sawe Oualiti
Liam Rundholz
Nicolas Leduc
Alex Aulbach
Brodie Chaboya
Connor Aguilar
Norbert Vasko
Garrett Coleman
Johnnie Paul
Merrett Fay
Parker Swope
Tyler Sommer
Nick Bakke
Freddie Wayne
Brock Baker

It Girls

Courtney Angus
Raimi Merritt
Charlotte Bryant
Evelyn Nelson
Lindsey Wentz
Gigi Meyer

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