Hyperlite It Girls

You've heard of Hollywood's "It Girls" - they're up and coming starlets who are on the latest magazine covers, are known for box office hit movies, are up till the break of dawn at the hottest night clubs, and who love fame above all else. Meet the Hyperlite Girls - our team of athletes can be found atop the latest contest podiums, are known for stomping sick tricks, they're up at the crack of dawn to hit the sickest spots, and they love to ride above all else. Hyperlite Girls are Pro Tour competitors, they're free riders, they're pushing the sport with their talent and devotion to wakeboarding. And when you strap on your board, you are an It Girl too - when it's your time behind the boat, all eyes are on you - be that shining star that burns bright and never fades.

Wakeboards designed and riden by It Girls

Wake boots designed and riden by It Girls

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