Hyperlite Releases "The Gong Show"

September 2016

Hyperlite's cable tech

Hyperlite Introduces New Cable Construction

September 2016

Introducing Feather Flex, Airstick Core and Torsion Tech - Hyperlite's cable collection offers a Superior Construction.

Hyperlite's Brian Grubb receiving award for best wakeskater

Brian Grubb Earns Best Wakeskater - 2016 Wake Awards

September 2016

After a dominating season on tour, winning all but one event, Brian Grubb was awarded the "Best Wakeskater" honor at the 2016 Wake Awards.

Hyperlite Wakeboards 2017 catalog cover

Hyperlite Presents 2017 Line at Surf Expo

September 2016

Wakeboarding Magazine 2016 #2 rider | Shaun Murray

Wakeboarding Magazine Announces 2016 Reader's Poll // #2 Shaun Murray

August 2016

Wakeboarding Magazine 2016 #3 rider | Rusty Malinoski

Wakeboarding Magazine Announces 2016 Reader's Poll // #3 Rusty Malinoski

August 2016

Wakeboarding Magazine 2016 #8 rider | JD Webb

Wakeboarding Magazine Announces 2016 Reader's Poll // #8 JD Webb

August 2016

Hyperlite Releases "Road to Seafair"

August 2016

Hyperlite ad at Seafair 2016

Hyperlite Experience at Seafair

August 2016

Hyperlite's JD Webb Alliance wake magazine cover

Alliance Cover // JD Webb

July 2016

Hyperlite's limited edition hyper pro wakeboard

Hyperlite releases 25 Year Anniversary HyperPro

June 2016

Hyperlite Releases "Parks & Wreck"

June 2016

Hyperlite's limited edition party shark wafesurf

Hyperlite Releases Ltd. Edition Party Shark Surfer

May 2016

Hyperlite Releases "Wakin' & Bacon"

May 2016

Hyperlite's Shaun Murray Alliance magazine cover spring 2016

Alliance Cover // Shaun Murray

Spring 2016

Hyperlite's Shaun Murray 20th year edition pro model wakeboard

Shaun Murray Celebrates 20th Anniversary Pro Model

February 2016

Only Shaun Murray, a Wakeboarding Legend, has maintained such a high level for 20 plus years and is the only professional in history to have 20 years of Pro Model Wakeboards.

Hyperlite Celebrates 25th Year Anniversary #25YearsInWake

January 2016

#25YearsInWake was used to celebrate this milestone in Hyperlite's history.

Hyperlite lowback binding system

Hyperlite Introduces Lowback System Binding

October 2015

The evolution of the System Binding program continues with the introduction of the LowBack System Binding.

Hyperlite Wakeboards's 2016 catalog cover

Hyperlite Launches 2016 Wake Line Up

September 2015

Hyperlite prints the 2016 Catalog featuring line of Wakeboards, Wakesurfers & Vests. 2016 marks the 25th Anniversary of the industry's longest standing Wake brand, Hyperlite Wakeboards.

Tever Maur of Hyperlite on the cover of Union Magazine

Union Cover // Trever Maur

Fall 2015

Jimmy LaRiche of Hyperlite on the cover of Alliance Magazine

Alliance Cover // Jimmy LaRiche

September 2015

Seafair 2015 Hyperlite Ad

The Hyperlite Experience at Seafair

August 2015

For the fourth year in a row Hyperlite Wakeboards brings some of the best Wakeboarders to Lake Washington as part of the Northwest's biggest summer celebration, SeaFair Festival.

Graeme Burress - Rail Rider of the Year - 2014 Wake Awards


Hyperlite signed Graeme Burress to the squad about a year prior to the 2014 Wake Awards at Surf Expo. It was amazing to hear the audience erupt as Graeme Burress was named the 2014 Rail Rider of the Year. Graeme works very hard at his craft, everyone at Hyperlite was ecstatic for Graeme!

Hyperlite releases the 2015 System Binding


The anticipation is always high for the release of each season's System Binding. At Surf Expo 2014, Hyperlite debuted the 2015 System Binding and the accompanying line of System Boots.

JD Webb & Spencer Norris - Best Web Edit - 2014 Wake Awards


JD Webb addressed the audience at the 2014 Wake Awards, "It's been a while since I've been up here," with the JD laugh and smile we all love. He and Spencer Norris released "Another One Down" and it was voted as the 2014 Best Web Edit, Congrats JD & Spencer!

Courtney Angus Wins Triple Crown


Courtney Angus dominated the Monster Triple Crown in 2014! The series, organized by Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, features the best of today's cable riding for pro men and women. Courtney won each of the three events at Cajun X, Terminus and the finals at BSR Wake Park! Congrats Courtney!

Team Hyperlite Delivers Wakeboarding


With so many cable edits floating around out there we thought it was time for some good old fashion Wakeboarding behind the boat and Team Hyperlite delivers. Enjoy this compilation from our time at Bethy Creek Resort in Texas featuring JD Webb, Kyle Alberts, Raimi Merritt, Jimmy LaRiche, Mike Schwenne, Trever Maur, Shaun Murray, Brian Grubb and Rusty Malinoski!

Greg Nelson Feature in Union Wakeboarder


Hyperlite's VP Marketing, Greg Nelson, has made many trips to Australia throughout his career as a professional wakeboarder. Recently he visited the land down under to better understand the growing cable scene, sign Courtney Angus and connect with Union Wakeboarder, the premier magazine in Australia.

Hyperlite Signs World Champion Noah Flegel


Noah Flegel was turning pro at the young age of 16. He had accomplished everything possible on the Jr. Pro Wakeboard Series including multiple National & World Titles. Noah grew up surfing in Florida and his wakeboarding style reflects his time in the waves, but it also helped Noah win a World Title in the budding Wake Surf World Series! Noah Flegel is a wakeboarding double threat for Hyperlite and we're excited to have him on board!

Hyperlite Signs World Champion Courtney Angus


Riding the wave of cable wakeboarding Hyperlite needed a leading lady to represent the brand and push women's wakeboarding, enter Courtney Angus. Courtney was already the defending WWA Women's World Champion with an impressive resume. Her infectious attitude and passion to grow women's wakeboarding made her a perfect fit for the team.

Hyperlite Introduces the Cable Collective


It's easy to spot the movement. Riders of varying ages and ability all converging on their local cable to jib the day away. This movement has become bigger with each season and because of this we have tailored a line of products just for this collective.

Hyperlite Welcomes Graeme Burress


Cable wakeboarding has flourished over the past few years and Hyperlite's line of boards and bindings reflect this shift in the sport. With this shift comes a new wave of athletes, Hyperlite signed Graeme Burress! Graeme already had a core following thanks to his jaw dropping videos and is considered one of the best wake park riders in the world.

Hyperlite Releases all new System Binding


Hyperlite's 1st System Binding changed the course of Wakeboard Bindings forever, but as with every product introduction the team was anxious to make it better. In the fall of 2013 Hyperlite introduced the new System Binding, a fully baseless polycarbonate chassis with a highback built from our exclusive urethane formula. The new design allowed for lighter better fitting boots and a more solid hold to the board, the best just got better!

Rusty Malinoski drops the Truck Driver on Alliance Wakeboard Magazine


Alliance has always been impressed with Rusty's work ethic and passion for the sport of Wakeboarding. Rusty told them he was close to a trick never seen before and for a couple weeks they shot morning after morning until finally they captured the first ever "Switch Off Axis Osmosis Truck Driver 540" - History Made! Alliance Fall Issue 2013.

Summer Fun with Jimmy LaRiche & Wakeboarding Magazine


In June of 2013, Wakeboarding Magazine released their "First Days of Summer" issue featuring our very own Jimmy LaRiche on the cover!

Hyperlite Introduces Limited Edition System Bindings


Building on the success of the System Binding, Hyperlite released a limited run of bindings full of pop color matching some of our Pro Model decks; Process Pink, Franchise Green, Webb Red & Marek Blue.

Masters Sweep


In May of 2013 Hyperlite athletes; Rusty Malinoski, Raimi Merritt & Brian Grubb each won their respective divisions at the prestigious Masters by Nautique Boats. It was an amazing day, watching our team riders win 3 consecutive divisions in a span of an hour, absolutely incredible!

Hyperlite Christmas Card


From our family to yours, Hyperlite celebrates the Holidays and classic Holiday sweaters. Featuring Rusty Malinoski, Shaun Murray, Brian Grubb, JD Webb & Jimmy LaRiche.

Trever Maur Drops Knee on 1st Cover


Trever Maur has ridden for Hyperlite for a long time, working his way up through the ranks of the Legion Team forming a unique style on the water and becoming a talented videographer behind the lens. At our 2013 product shoot at Bethy Creek Resort, Aaron Katen captured Trever booting these Tuck Knee grabs off the kicker at night, this one ended up on the cover of Wakeboarding Magazine!

Long Live the King


"Long Live the King" is the caption under Shaun Murray as he rides onto another magazine cover, June 2012.

Hyperlite System Boot Advertisement


By now the System Binding and footwear have taken off and response continues to get better as more people experience a better way to connect to their wakeboard. This is our 2012 System Footwear lineup.

Rusty Malinoski Cover


The Custom Cover coincided with this cover shot of Rusty Malinoski, September, 2011.

The System Binding


As 2010 came to a close, Hyperlite introduced another groundbreaking product, the System Binding. In 2011 the System was awarded the Innovation of the Year by the WSIA and voted as the innovation of the year by WakeWorld.com readers. In partnership with Transworld we released this Custom System Cover at Surf Expo 2011.

Transworld Wakeboarding's Premier Issue


2010 was a big year for Wakeboarding, the leader in Action Sports media, Trasworld, entered our sport and Wakeboarding Magazine became Transword Wakeboarding, Jimmy LaRiche just happened to get the cover for the Premier Issue riding his first pro model, the Franchise.

Nick Davies Recognized


Nick Davies rode Hyperlite from day 1 as far back as 2005 when he first picked up a wakeboard. Since then he's won 3 World Titles ('06, '09 & '10) and been featured on most major wake publication covers including this August, 2010 issue of Wakeboarding Magazine.

The Reflection


Shaun Murray has this idea he shares with Joey Meddock, they get together to capture Shaun and his reflection on this 2010 Wakeboard Magazine cover. The shot went on to win Photograph of the Year and became one of the magazines most remembered covers ever.

Mike Schwenne drops the Knee


Longtime Hyperlite Team Rider Mike Schwenne brings a completely new style to the sport with his tuck knee grabs and spins. Alliance Wakeboard enjoyed it so much they featured Mike on the cover of this 2009 issue.

The Rusty Cover, SBC


In 2008 SBC Wakeboard featured Rusty Malinoski on their cover and the issue included one of the first interviews with the rising star from Saskatoon, Canada.

Hyperlite Signs Rusty Malinoski


Rusty Malinoski made a huge impact on the Wakeboarding scene in the middle of the decade and he officially joined the Hyperlite Pro Team in June of 2007.

That's 10 for Shaun Murray


Shaun Murray introduced his tenth Hyperlite Pro Model for 2007, each board that was produced included a Roman Numeral X painted by Shaun.

JD Jumps the Lake Eola Fountain


JD Webb takes wakeboarding to new heights as he sets a world record jumping over the Lake Eola Fountain in downtown Orlando earning him the key to the city and this cover on Alliance Wakeboard.

Meet Jimmy LaRiche


Jimmy LaRiche hit the Wakeboard scene with 2 Jr. Pro Tour Titles in a row and he joined the Hyperlite Pro Team in September of 2006.

JD Webb Cover


Early in the April of 2002 we signed JD Webb to the Hyperlite Pro Team and in 2004 he landed on the cover of Wakeboarding Magazine in their May issue.

The Landlock by Hyperlite


As boat manufacturers reacted to the popularity of Wakeboarding making bigger and bigger boats, Wakeboarding came full circle as riders we able to surf behind the boat without a rope and Hyperlite introduced the Landlock, the industry's first true Wake Surfboard.

Shaun Murray's Wakeboarding Unleashed


Wakeboarding goes digital with Shaun Murray's Wakeboarding Video Game released by Activision. Wakeboarding Magazine ran this cover in August of 2003.

Hyperlite Advertisement


As we looked back through the archives, there seemed to be a lot of collage ads, here's one from 2003.

Brian Grubb Jaw Dropper


The sport of Wakeskating was on the rise in the early part of the new century and Brian Grubb shot this jaw dropper for the 2002 May issue of Wakeboarding Magazine.

Hyperlite Bindings


Hyperlite dominated the binding market, this was our 2002 Pro Model Boot Collection where Hyperlite introduced a revolutionary plate design and claw attachment system.

Alliance Wakeboard is Born


In 2001 Alliance Wakeboard was born, Vol. 1/1 featured Brian Grubb on the cover Wakeskating over a gnarly transfer. The sport of Wakeboarding and Wakeskating benefitted greatly with the launch of Alliance Wakeboard.

Wakeskating on the Cover


It didn't take long for Scott Byerly to get a cover shot riding Hyperlite, just happened to be on a Wakeskate is March of 2001 on Wakeboarding Magazine.

Scott Byerly Joins Hyperlite


In June of 1999 the biggest news to ever hit the industry was Hyperlite's signing of Scott Byerly. Hyperlite had not been known for its freeride attitude, but the signing of Scott changed that overnight as Hyperlite brought the most respected Wakeboarder in the world into the family.

Molded in Fins


Twin Tip boards were here to stay and going into 1999 Hyperlite created the first ever Molded In Fins on the Shaun "Belmont" Murray Pro Model.

The 720 Cover


In 1998 doing a 720 was a big deal, when Wakeboarding Magazine featured Shaun Murray stomping one with this foldout cover we were stoked.

Hyperlite Signs Brian Grubb


While working at OWC, Brian Grubb spent every spare moment riding Wakeskates and gaining a control of the board never seen before, Hyperlite signed him as a professional Wakeskater in September of 1997.

Boardstock on Lake Shasta


If you were Wakeboarding in the late 1990s you remember the epic BoardStock gatherings on Lake Shasta, in 1997 Shaun Murray won the double up contest and hoisted his Pro Model Hyperlite above the cheering crowd.

Hyperlite World Champions


Hyperlite has enjoyed lot's of competition success and tournament results, in 1997 Shaun Murray and Dean Lavelle both earned world titles riding Hyperlite Wakeboards.

Twin Tips & Shaun Murray


By the summer of 1995 board designs were evolving rapidly and Hyperlite introduced our first Twin Tip wakeboards, the Twin HC and the Twin B.A.F.F. but we referred to them as Twin Tails. This was also the year Hyperlite signed Shaun Murray to the team, a relationship that would become the longest professional sponsorship in Wakeboard history.

Hyperlite Stands Alone


It was in 1995 when the HO name was dropped and we promote the brand as Hyperlite Wakeboards.

Hyperlite Advertisment


With Wakeboarding on the rise, this was our advertisement in the second season of Wakeboarding Magazine featuring Perez & Shapiro.

Hyperlite Wakeboards


1994 was a busy season, all the buzz was focused on Wakeboards & Wakeboarding, this is our brochure cover that season, followed by the spread detailing the Perez Signature and Shapiro Pro Model Wakeboards.

Perez & Shapiro in Hyperlite's 1st Print Ad


In the first issue of Wakeboarding Magazine Hyperlite ran this advertisement with our 2 World Champions, Eric Perez and Darin Shapiro.

Wakeboarding Magazine is Born


Wakeboarding Magazine released their premier issue in the summer of 1993 featuring Hyperlite Team Rider Darin Shapiro on the cover, it was official - The sport of Wakeboarding had arrived!

The Hyperlite Pro


In 1992 a new Hyperlite shape was constructed with the help of Eric Perez and Darin Shapiro. The Hyperlite Pro had more Phasers, sharper rails and a Tip Channel helping the board ride switch or backwards.

The First Hyperlite Wakeboard


The year was 1991 and HO Skis released the first ever compression molded Wakeboard, it was called the Hyperlite and our brand was born.

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